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Welcome To The Dungeon (En)


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Come in if you dare!
You are all at the entrance of the dungeon, but only one of you can enter: the bravest, the craziest, or the one who did not have the chance to flee!
To determine it, you will each time reduce your equipment or add monsters to face inside.
Are you going to be quick enough to sink into the dungeon or will you let your opponents pass in front of them hoping never to see them come out again?
Principle of the game In Welcome to the Dungeon, all players play with the same hero, and try to be the one who will lead him into the depths of the dungeon in search of treasures and glory.
Place the Adventurer, object of all your lusts, in the center of the table, with the 6 weapons and protections that make up his equipment to face the Monsters that populate the Dungeon.
Each round takes place in 2 phases:
The Auction phase: alternately, you can choose to pass your turn and no longer participate in the round, or draw a Monster card. If by bravery (or madness ...) you opt for the pickaxe, you can, after looking at the card:
- make the Dungeon even more dangerous by adding the Picked Monster
- to suppress the Monster by sacrificing an equipment of the Adventurer.
The Auction phase ends when all but one player has passed. The latter must then take on the role of the Adventurer and enter the dungeon ... whether he chose it or not.
The Dungeon phase: the Adventurer player armed with the equipment he has left finds himself alone against the monsters!
Add the Life Points of the Adventurer to those obtained by his equipment, then turn over the cards of the Dungeon one by one. Eliminate the monsters against which your equipment protects you, then add the power of the Monsters still in play: if the total is strictly lower than the VP of the Adventurer, the challenge is passed, you survived the Dungeon!
If a player is knocked down twice by the Monsters, he is eliminated from the game.
The winner is the last player in the game, or the one who manages to emerge twice victorious from the Dungeon.

  • 10+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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