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A Pillar of Fire

Une Colonne De Feu (French)


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Enter a power struggle!

Here you are in a world where religions find it difficult to mix. Year after year, you must make your own religion flourish at the expense of others in order to gain the most victory points.

The color of the first die allows you to choose a character card. This character then influences the majority religion of the region to which he belongs on the set.

Then place a religion pawn on this region to mark this influence. (For example: a Catholic character is used to position a Catholic pawn).

The number of the dice allows you to position a trading house on the box that corresponds to this number in this same region. Once these two actions have been completed, put your Character Card aside with the same die, the action corresponding to your character can then be used for as many years as indicated by the number of the die.

With the second die, perform one of the following actions: recover resources, sell resources or activate the action of a Character card. The sales action allows you to score victory points.

When there is no longer room to mark one's influence in a region, a conflict breaks out. All minority religions are banned, and the player with the majority religion scores the equivalent in victory points at the location of his trading houses in this region (if a trading house is in 6, the player scores 6 points victory).

As soon as a player reaches 50 victory points, the game ends and the latter is declared the winner.

  • 14+
  • 2 - 4
  • French

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