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Tsuro Of The Seas (En)

Calliope Games

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What's new in Tsuro of the Seas are daikaiju tiles, representing sea monsters and other creatures from the depths. daikaiju can move: each tile has five arrows, four to go in each of the cardinal directions and another for rotation.

On the turn of the Active Player, he rolls two six-sided dice; on a sum of 6, 7 or 8, the daikaiju will move, while on any other sum, they will remain in place. To determine the direction in which the daikaiju tiles move, the player then makes a second roll, this time with a single die. On 1-5, each daikaiju moves according to its corresponding arrow. On a 6, a new daikaiju tile is added to the board.

  • 8+
  • 2 - 8
  • English

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