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Time Bomb Evolution (Fr)

Time Bomb Évolution (Fr)


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Moriarty is back! This time, several monuments of the city of London were trapped by its explosives! Sherlock's team has no choice: they must defuse all bombs before midnight, or the nation will fall into chaos.

While retaining the principles that made the success of its illustrious predecessor, Time Bomb Evolution is aimed at both Sherlocks apprentices and those accustomed to this exceptional bluffing game.

With this Evolution version, Time Bomb now gains new intensity with multiple bombs to defuse, as well as dramatic effects that can be triggered at each defuse.

Bluff and deduction are more than ever imperative to locate the bombs and play with their effects, as varied as they are spectacular! The parties are more fun and tense than ever: it's up to you to guess who your allies are around the table!

  • 8+
  • 4 - 6
  • French

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