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The Networks Extension: Executives

The Networks Extension : Executives (English)

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The Networks: Executives, a complete extension for The Networks, changes the gameplay in a few ways.

First, players all choose a network leader at the start of the game. Each network leader has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Second, there is a new deck of show cards with a different mix of Genres. Each Genre now has an equal chance to appear, unlike the base game where reality and sports broadcasts were less common. However, sports shows now have higher maintenance, and reality TV shows don't get you as many viewers on average as any other show with a bunch of stars.

Third, players no longer automatically receive shows, stars, or public access network advertisements. Instead, there is a starting "pilot season" project in which players choose their starting television shows. These starter shows determine a player's starter resources, such as stars, advertisements, and extra money.

Fourth, you now get a Mogul card when you get your first 5-Show Genre Bonus or your second 3-Show Genre Bonus. These Mogul cards act like supercharged network cards, so they are worth picking up!

  • 13+
  • 2 - 5
  • English

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