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The Manhattan Project Extension : Second Stage (English)


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The Manhattan Project: Second Stage consists of four small expansions that can be added to the base game individually or together.

Nations 2: works like the previous Nations expansion, each player obtaining a card to represent a country and gain a special power. Seven new countries and powers are represented.

Rocket Technology: allows you to build a rocket factory during the "Design Bomb" action. Rockets work just like bombers - but fighters provide no defense against them.

H-Bomb Technology: It improves the "Design Bomb" action, allowing a player to flip an available bomb at the bottom of the deck in order to acquire an H-Bomb card. To build an H-bomb, however, the player needs Lithium Deuteride, which comes from new cards that work like Mines.

Personalities: He adds seven roles to the game based on real individuals who contributed to the Manhattan Project. Each time you retrieve your workers, you select a different role. Each role will grant you persistent benefits until the next time you recover.

  • 13+
  • 2 - 5
  • English

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