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The One Hundred Torii (En)

Pencil First Games

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Earn the most travel points by expanding the garden and crossing as many torii gates as possible as you move between similar landmarks. Earn benefits and extra points by interacting with characters in the garden such as poets, samurai, gardeners, vendors and geishas. Maybe you will be the first to visit each landmark 5 times or maybe you will interact with the same character 3 times. Your journey to the most points can lead you on a different path each time!

The One Hundred Torii is a tile placement game played over a series of towers. Each turn, the board expands and the game ends after the last tile is placed and each player takes a final turn.

On each Turn, the player takes one of the following actions (in order):
- Get help (optional)
- Develop the Garden
- Claim rewards (if won)
- Peg tiles
  • 8+
  • 1 - 4
  • English

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