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The Big Book Of Madness Extension: 5th Element (Fr)

The Big Book Of Madness Extension : 5e Élément (Fr)


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The Fifth Element is the first expansion for Big Book of Madness! It offers a new book of spells, new monsters, new magicians ... but also new game mechanics, to play independently or combined!

Unknown or denied by most magicians, the terrifying Dark Matter is as powerful as it is devastating. However, you will need to master it to activate the incredible spells contained in the Black Book, defeat black monsters and wipe out black curses!

Fortunately for you, the new magicians are perhaps more prepared for this perilous attempt!

Another new mechanism: Phobias are appearing! These are particularly powerful follies, capable of precipitating the fall of your magician! Unlike madness, Phobias have a permanent effect and remain attached to the character, as long as he cannot heal himself. It's up to you to know how to manage this now relentless threat.

With 13 new spell cards and 4 new magicians, but above all with two particularly complete new mechanics (and devious!), Big Book of Madness gains in intensity while maintaining the fluidity of the basic game. More relentless than ever, it will encourage players to cooperate more effectively than ever to hope to close this terrifying grimoire!

  • 12+
  • 2 - 5
  • French

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