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The Big Book Of Madness (Fr)

The Big Book Of Madness (Fr)


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Open it if you dare!
Welcome to the largest school of magic in the world! For thousands of years, it has trained apprentice magicians in the most extraordinary spells, making them masters of the elements of tomorrow.
In any case, what we promised you ... but this first year of the course disappointed you.
You are barely able to throw a small ember a few centimeters and spend more time memorizing theoretical books than discovering real spells that will make you the great mages that you are destined to become.
Tonight everything will change ... in the bowels of the school hides a book with unknown powers that you have been strictly forbidden to open. Young and rebellious, you have decided to defy the ban.
As soon as the cover was lifted, you immediately understood your error: the Big Book of Madness is a prison enclosing the worst imaginable magical creatures capable of destroying the world. You have just released them ... you have to face them!
Play as these apprentice magicians against monsters far more powerful than them ... for the moment!
To win, show team spirit, learn new devastating spells, master the elements and be careful not to lose your mind: manipulating such powers with so little training can drive you crazy!
The Big Book of Madness is a co-operative game requiring and retaining in an original way the mechanics of deck-building.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 5
  • French

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