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Star Realms Extension: Scenarios (Fr)

Star Realms Extension : Scénarios (Fr)


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Star Realms Scenarios is a new expansion for Star Realms, the famous deck building game from Darwin Kastle!

This expansion pack consists of 20 unique cards, one of which is drawn at the start of each game. Once in play, the scenario card remains active for the duration of the game. It modifies a game element: either in its implementation, or in its progress. The pleasure of play, always renewed, now benefits from an unknown variable with each new game!

A game started with fewer ships! Basics directly in play once acquired! The purchased cards placed on the top of the deck! Additional cards on the shopping line ... The new rules revitalize each game by injecting an unexpected factor into which you will have to adapt immediately to get out of the game!

  • 12+
  • 2
  • French

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