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Smash Up Extension: Trop Minion (Fr)

Smash Up Extension : Trop Minion (Fr)


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No more violence from the big fighters who try, now it's peace, joy and bliss that will reign ... at all costs!
Discover four new factions kro meugnonnes ready to do anything to impose their domination in the nicest (and sneaky) way possible!
The Cats soften the adversaries to reduce their power or make them change sides, the Fairies play tricks on the actions and creatures, the Ponies use the great force of the friendship to crush the enemy, and the Princesses modify the history for ensure that their opponents can never live long and have many children ...
This box allows 2 players to fight immediately. But mix the new cards with any other Smash Up box and you will get an even more explosive cocktail, for games up to 4 players. Content: 4 Factions of 20 cards, 8 Base cards, 4 separators, 10 1PV tokens, 4 5 PV tokens and 1 rulebook.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 5
  • French

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