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Smash Up Extension: Munchkin

Smash Up Extension : Munchkin (French)


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History has reported many large associations. Death and taxes. Palm oil and chocolate. Cats and cheeseburgers. It was time to strike a blow by mixing Munchkin and Smash Up! Smash Up is the game where players choose two bizarre Factions and mix them to try to crush those of others.

In this box, the Factions are of course the races and classes of Munchkin: Orcs, Warriors, Halfelins, Priests, Dwarves, Elves, Thieves and Magicians. All of these Factions have their own powers, and each combination is unique.

This box can be played alone, but all of its Factions are fully compatible with all existing Smash Up boxes.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 4
  • French

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