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Fried salmon

Saumon Fretillant (French)


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What do two salmon do when they cross? They greet ! And that makes them wriggle!
Frétillant Salumon is a fast and simple card game that will test your liveliness. Tighten your fins, snap your scales, but be the first to greet all your friends.
Principle of the game:
Take in hand, the 12 cards of the color of your choice. Mix them up and keep them face down in your hand. At the signal, all players turn over their deck of cards and call out the action on the first card. If another player calls out the same action as you, perform that action together and get rid of your card. The first player to discard all of his cards wins the game.
Strong points :
• Frantic gameplay
• A delusional theme
• Ultra simple rules

  • 6+
  • 3 - 6
  • French

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