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Pathfinder Battles: Legendary Adventures - Goblin Village Set

Pathfinder Battles : Legendary Adventures - Goblin Village Set


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This premium set contains everything you need to bring the home of Pathfinder's most iconic little maniacs to life! Trash statues! Barrels of pickles! A magic pig!
With the walls of the Palisade. With more than 20 pieces to decorate the camp, personalizing it for a perfect encounter couldn't be easier!

Pathfinder Battles Goblins Premium Village Bundle includes the following *:

- Large Tent x1
-Small tent x2
-Barricade x3
-Cage for children x1
- Fire x2
- Junk status x1
-Junk Pile x2
- Barrel of pickles x2
-Throne x1
- Chief Goblin x1
- Baby goblins x1
- Palisade Gate x1
- Palisade walls x3
-Pork Portal x1
-Pig fence x4
- Magic pig x1

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