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Offshore (En)

Aporta Games

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The vast oil reserves off the Norwegian coast are an environmentally controversial topic, but it remains without doubt one of the biggest contributors to the country's massive wealth. Offshore is a lightweight competitive strategy game about this highly specialized industry.

In the game, players build oil rigs in the North Sea. The opening of a new oil field is obviously not easy because it requires both technology and temporary cooperation between actors. On your turn, you do one of the following three actions:

- Buy a tech tile
- Export oil (sell it for points and money)
- Open a new oil field and drill for oil

Opening a new oilfield is The most complex action: alone or with another player, you must have the required technology and pay the cost of opening. Who should use what technology and how the cost should be divided needs to be agreed between the actors. Players then drill for the oil in a little press-your-luck mini-game: Players must decide how deep they want to drill, while avoiding too much pressure, as it could cause a blowout. The combination of tech tiles used to open up the field will also influence drilling in various ways.

The temporary cooperations and the shared interests of the players in the drilling phases make it an exciting game in which players share both successes and failures.

  • 10+
  • 3 - 5
  • English

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