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Not Alone

Not Alone (En)

Stronghold Games

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25th century, Humanity has long since gone to the stars. She has traveled to the far reaches of the galaxy and yet has never encountered other forms of intelligent life. By searching the central archives of the old Earth, you discovered that a planet called Artemia had been wiped off official maps and that no other data was available. Intrigued, you set up an expedition. The first surveys of the surface of Artemia reveal a class M planet, welcoming to man and sheltering a rich and varied fauna and flora. When you enter the atmosphere, a strong magnetic field puts the on-board computers out of service. After launching an SOS, the Captain orders the evacuation of the ship before the inevitable crash. Safe and sound, you start exploring the surroundings when you hear the cries of agony of your captain. In the distance you can see a silhouette watching you; you are not alone ...

  • 10+
  • 2 - 7
  • English

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