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Museum (French)

Holy grail games

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Museum is a collector's game in which you play as a curator seeking to create the most beautiful and impressive collections for his galleries!

The game takes place in the 1900s, in the golden age of museums. The trip to distant countries was becoming feasible and the demand for exhibitions of rare and exotic objects was at its peak.

To put an object card from your hand in your museum, you must pay the latter by placing one or more cards of equal or greater value in your discard pile. Your discard pile is a bit like your museum warehouse: a card placed there is in your possession but has not yet been displayed. But beware: it means your opponents can take it for their own collections!

Each object card has a value, which represents the number of victory points you will get by adding it to your galleries. To earn even more points, you can create collections by positioning your cards adjacent to your game board, like the halls of a real museum! The collections can be based on the twelve different civilizations present in the game (like the Incas or the Egyptians), or on the six different archaeological fields (Architecture, Agriculture…), so place your cards skillfully to get the best score!

  • 12+
  • 2 - 4
  • French

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