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The Legend Of The Cherry Tree (Fr)

La Légende Du Cerisier (Fr)


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Japan, in ancient times. A legend tells, that beyond the mountains is a cherry tree whose flowers would have the power to exhale any wish. But beware, to enjoy this tree, you have to deserve it. To be worthy to use the magic of the Cherry Tree, pick as many flowers as possible, without being too stingy at the risk of losing everything.

Strong points :

Mechanics that skillfully mix stop or even and collection
A game in which you have to refine your tactics as you go round.
A game full of poetry and color
Principle of the game:

Your goal is to make the right collections of flower colors to score the maximum number of victory points. Two ways to earn points: by making the right collections of flower colors or by winning majorities of color. Flowers in 6 different colors are hidden in an opaque bag. Take turns drawing flowers (maximum 8 in three picks).

If you pick 3 identical flowers or 5 flowers of different colors, you lose the round. Otherwise add your flowers to your different collections or hide them behind your screen to constitute one or two other collections in which you will need to be the majority at the end of the game. Use the white and black flowers wisely, make the most beautiful collections and score the maximum number of victory points to hope to see your wish come true.

  • 8+
  • 2 - 5
  • French

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