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King Of Tokyo

King Of Tokyo (En)


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The new version of the game by Richard GARFIELD, the creator of Magic The Gathering Did you know King of Tokyo?
Discover the new face of the game with illustrations by Régis Torrès, the talented illustrator of King of New York.
What changes: - Cleaner and more dynamic illustrations - Clearer rules - A box back that perfectly describes the principle of the game We have put together an additional surprise for you, as two new monsters are appearing: the legendary Space Penguin and the terrible robotic cat Cyber ​​Kitty come to join Gigazaur, The King, Alienoïd and Meca Dragon who were all given a makeover.
What does not change: With King of Tokyo 2, Richard GARFIELD always offers us a crazy game for 2 to 6 players in which you will play as mutant monsters, gigantic robots and other monstrous creatures who will fight in an atmosphere joyful for the sole purpose of becoming the one and only king of Tokyo.
In a few words: Play a gigantic Monster that destroys everything in its path! Roll the dice, make the best possible combinations to heal, attack, buy cards or earn Victory Points.
It's up to you to adapt the best strategy to become the King of Tokyo at the right time and attack all your opponents at the same time ...
The first to total 20 Victory Points wins the game ... The last to stay alive too ...

  • 8+
  • English

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