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Kabuki (French)


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Distribute the masks without making a mistake: the actors are ready to go on stage!
Distribute the masks to each of them, taking care not to give the same mask twice to the same actor. Not so easy when the masks look so much alike!
Be careful not to make a mistake, because your opponents will not hesitate to point out your mistakes ...

In front of you are placed a stack of face-down Masks cards and 4 Actors cards.
In turn, draw a mask and place it on the pile of one of the actors. Please note: the same actor should never receive the same mask twice!
If you make this mistake and another player realizes it, he can take one of your 5 tokens. On the other hand, if another player accuses you wrongly, he is the one who loses a victory point.
The round ends as soon as one of the players loses all their Victory Points or when all the masks have been distributed.
Whoever has the most Points after 3 rounds is declared the winner.

  • 8+
  • 2 - 6
  • French

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