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Joan of Arc: The Battle of Orleans

Jeanne D'arc : La Bataille D'orléans (French)

Pixie Games

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The 100 years war is raging, the English besiege Orleans, a key place between the north and south of the Loire, between the territories annexed by the English and the territories managed by the Dauphin. Despite the English forces, Joan of Arc arrives there and enters the city. The population and the troops gather around it.

You are one of the Companions of Joan of Arc such as Dunois, De Laval, La Hire. Your goal is to shine as bright as possible during this battle. Show yourself near enemy fortresses, consult Jeanne or the Dauphin, deploy your troops and be ready when Jeanne leads the assault.

  • 8+
  • 2 - 4
  • French

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