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Goths Save The Queen

Goths Save The Queen (English)

Dude Games

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In Goths Save The Queen, two two-player clans fight to save the Queen hidden in the middle of the table. Each clan is made up of a player giving orders (The King) and another trying to understand what order was given (the warchief).

To give an order, the king chooses a card and turns it over on the table to reveal two orders on his back, with no idea which one is the right one. The warchief checks the battlefield, then tries to choose the correct order with a card in hand. When the two clans have chosen their cards, all are revealed, and if the two cards correspond to a clan, then the order is executed. Some examples of orders: load the catapult, shoot the catapult, progress towards the Queen, look at the cards hidden in the middle to find the Queen and avoid the traps ...

Of course, within a clan, it is absolutely forbidden to make a sign or say anything to help the partner to guess what order is intended.

When you play 1-vs-1 or 1-vs-2, the game is a little different: The solo team cannot play the same order twice, one round after another.

With multiple copies of Goths Save The Queen, you can compete in a 3-vs-3, 3-vs-4 or 4-vs-4 format.

  • 8+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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