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Gkr Heavy Hitters! (In)

Gkr Heavy Hitters! (En)

Cryptozoic Entertainment

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GKR: HEAVY HITTERS is an advertising-driven televised combat sport where mega-companies are fighting for lucrative salvage rights and dominance of advertising in abandoned cities on Earth. But more importantly, they need you! Your skills as a pilot and tactician are necessary to win, gain your Faction more fans, and more importantly, loyal consumers.

You will pilot a Heavy Hitter, the name given to the biggest combat mechs in the combat zone. Assist your Heavy Hitter in these high-stakes sports matches are 3 unmanned robotic support units, consisting of Combat, Repair and Reconnaissance. Fight in a duel using your Heavy Hitter, you control your entire team of GKRs, develop strategies for your path to victory. Any stupid Mech-jockey can shoot, but can you STRAT? Suppose we are going to find out!

  • 12+
  • 1 - 4
  • English

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