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Folded Space: Roll For The Galaxy

Folded Space : Roll For The Galaxy

Folded space

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Insert designed for play with external box dimensions of 29.7 x 29.7 x 7.3 cm.
Insert compatible with Roll for the Galaxy® and Expansion Ambition®. The design offers both efficient storage and improved play. Lots of trays can be used during play, and they greatly aid set-up and cleaning times. The rulers act like a lid on top of the trays.
With the top layer removed, you can see under the remaining dice and chip trays. At the top of the image, you can see trays for vertical storage of game tiles with separate spaces for faction, house world, objectives, and other tiles. in the middle are the first dice and chip trays. On either side of these spaces for the bag tile set and the dice cup player.

The dice boards are made with a lip at the bottom left of each board slot so that the dice are never completely flat. This makes dice extraction very easy, regardless of the number of each type of dice in the tray.

The game tiles with separate spaces for faction, home world, objectives and other tiles, are all stored vertically in trays designed for this purpose. These all have holes cut in the sides for easy access during installation and play.

The vertical game tile boards are stacked at the top of the box and are higher than the remaining boards. This leaves space for the rules and player tips to adapt so that they don't move when the game is transported. The rulers act as a cover on the remaining trays holding the components inside.
All trays can be removed from the box and used during installation and play. This greatly speeds up the time it takes to get the game to the table as well as the time it takes to clear away.

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