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Eko (English)

Dude Games

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Once upon a time…

In the Ekö desert, rocks, sand and wind come to life to give shape to fleeting armies. Build your empire and extend your grip to proclaim your victory ... in this universe where no one will ever hear you.

We take turns playing clockwise. In turn, a player must play two phases: the Action phase, then the Reinforcement phase.

The possible actions are:

Move (single move, stack, attack)

Or Construction (on virgin land, improvement of an existing building, replacement of an opposing building)

Reinforcement phase:

Reintroduce a minimum pawn into play, not on an empty square, not adjacent to an opposing building, always on a single square.

End of game and victory:

Have 12 victory points and occupy a capital or be the last to have discs on the board.

  • 10+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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