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Dungeon Fighter Extension: Rock And Roll (Fr)

Dungeon Fighter Extension : Rock And Roll (Fr)


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Back to earth! None of the terrible monsters of fire, water or air has been able to defeat you?
Which class ! You are almost at the end of your quest! But before being officially declared "Greatest Hero of the Kingdom", you must enter (and especially come out alive) in the last dungeon: the Mines of Colossal Wealth where money and death are the two easiest things to find...
This Dungeon Fighter expansion contains everything an adventurer needs to set foot on the ground: new monsters firmly anchored to the ground, a new hero with earthquake blows, new objects to become rock hard and two new End Bosses : the embodiment of destructive nature and the ultimate adversary of any adventurer: the master of the elements himself.
Also discover the secrets of the magic of the earth, earn your last experience points, learn 100% organic spells, shoot through the stone wall and prepare for the most rocky of your adventures!
This extension of Dungeon Fighter contains a lot of new material. Above all, it allows players to access the secrets of Earth magic, the most magnetic elementary art.
From now on, our intrepid Heroes can shake and smash everything around them to spice things up a bit.
This extension concludes the elementary cycle, but who knows? Something else may be going on for our nice hero idiots!

  • 14+
  • 1 - 6
  • French

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