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Dune: Imperium (En)

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Dune: Imperium is a game that draws on elements and characters from Dune's legacy, both the new film from Legendary Pictures and the literary series from Frank Herbert, Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson.

As the ruler of one of the great houses of Landsraad, raise your banner and gather your forces and your spies. War is approaching, and at the center of the conflict is Arrakis - Dune, the desert planet.

Dune: Imperium uses deck-building to add an angle of hidden information to the traditional placement of workers.

You start with a unique leader card, as well as a deck identical to those of your opponents. As you acquire cards and build your deck, your choices will define your strengths and weaknesses. Cards allow you to send your agents to certain areas of the game board, so the evolution of your deck affects your strategy. You can become more powerful militarily, by being able to deploy more troops than your opponents. You can also acquire cards that give you an advantage over the four political factions represented in the game: the Emperor, the Space Guild, the Bene Gesserit and the Fremen.

Unlike many card building games, you don't play your entire hand in one turn. Instead, you draw a hand of cards at the start of each turn and alternate with the other players, taking one agent turn at a time (playing a card to send one of your agents to the game board) . When it's your turn and you have no more Agents to place, you take a revealing turn, revealing the rest of your cards, which will provide you with Persuasion and Swords. Persuasion is used to acquire more cards, and Swords help your troops fight for the rewards of the current turn, as shown on the revealed Conflict card.

Defeat your rivals in battle, skillfully navigate political factions, and earn valuable The Spice Must Flow cards to lead your House to victory!
  • 14+
  • 1 - 4
  • English

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