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Downforce Extension: Course Sauvage (Fr)

Downforce Extension : Course Sauvage (Fr)


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With Courses Sauvages, discover two new destinations, two exceptional routes that will put your nerves to the test.

The Aloha Sands circuit winds around a magnificent lagoon. But don't be distracted by the sumptuous scenery: the track is more demanding than ever, especially thanks to its ramps which allow you to propel you over obstacles… if you have the speed necessary to make the jump! Surprise your opponents and overtake them by taking to the air in this supercharged race where it will be very difficult to predict the winner before the last stroke of the wheel!

Savannah Stretch is a very intense track, nestled in the heart of the savannah. His particuliarity ? It is very frequently crossed by wild animals… which will be very happy to block the leaders! Do you dare to ease off and wait for the track to clear before heading for victory? Here the race is particularly tactical: the pilots watch each other nervously to launch their attacks at the most opportune moment. Who will manage to let go of their horses at the right time to outrun their opponents?

  • 8+
  • 2 - 6
  • French

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