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Dominations Extension: Dynasties (Fr)

Dominations Extension : Dynasties (Fr)

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At the head of each great nation, there have always been leaders - brilliant individuals of unequaled intelligence and charisma who have guided their people through the ages. With the Domination Dynasties expansion, you can choose the virtuosos who will lead your Nation to greatness!

Dynasties is the first expansion of Dominations: Road to Civilization and includes 54 Dynasty cards, 4 mini player boards, 6 new Knowledge card games and two new Objective cards!

In Dynasties, you will ally yourself with the great families of your Nation, using their skills to make your Civilization even more powerful. There are 6 Dynasties, each large family being associated with one of the Domains of Knowledge of Dominations. At each Age, you will be able to play Dynasty cards. Each of these cards represents a family member from a particular dynasty - a prodigy of his generation who will help you lead your nation to glory!

  • 13+
  • 3 - 4
  • French

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