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Detective Extension: LA Crimes (Fr)

Detective Extension : L.A. Crimes (Fr)


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Welcome to the 80s where Los Angeles is a city plagued by corruption, drugs and crime. A singular case falls on your arms and it will take investigators who are not afraid to invest body and soul to bring it to a conclusion. If this is your case, join the LAPD, join the James Bradley team and solve these crimes!

This expansion for Detective: A Modern Investigation Game contains three new cases forming a most exciting campaign.

LA Crimes extends the experience of the basic game by offering you to embody new characters and to confront new game mechanics. You will need to set up surveillance in order to learn more about your suspects and you will quickly accumulate stress when you decide to make minor breaches of the regulations, by wanting to quickly put the criminals behind bars! How far will you be ready to go?

  • 16+
  • 1 - 5
  • French

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