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Detective : A Modern Crime - Season One (English)

Portal Games

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Detective: Season One with shorter playtime. It is designed for a mystery game night with simpler and family-friendly rules. The game consists of three stand-alone investigations, and each of them can be played in around 90 minutes. Each of the surveys challenges players with different settings and styles. The surveys are:

- Blood, Ink, and Tears sets the action in Britain, where players visit an old mansion and uncover family secrets from the past that lead them to clues behind the mysterious death of a family member. Fans of Agatha Christie's novels will find themselves at home in this rather funny case!

- Solid Alibi plunges players into the heart of a bloody conflict between gangs and criminals in the Italian quarter. Players must not only solve the crime and find out who killed Robert Parkson, but also witness the growing tension in the neighborhood and know who to trust amid the spiraling violence and mutual accusation!

- Natural Causes takes players to a college campus in the United States. Professor Calvin Higgs is found dead in his lab at the University of Virginia Institute of Biology. Players must find out if his death is of natural cause, or if there may be someone around him who is responsible for this horrific crime. But what could be the motive?
  • 12+
  • 1 - 5
  • English

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