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Crisis (Fr)

Crisis (Fr)

Geek Attitude Games

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Axia. A country with a glorious past, an uncertain present and an unpredictable future.

Member of the Economic Union, Axia has fallen into a difficult period and its inhabitants are suffering. Corruption, inefficiency and incompetence have a real impact, and political tensions continue to increase.

However, all is not lost! A group of investors (some would call them opportunists) saw this as an opportunity, a chance to build their own future.

In Crisis, each player embodies the role of one of these investors who seek to bail out struggling businesses, recruit employees, raise capital and produce goods for export.

The black economy can bring influence and benefits, but players need to be careful - greasing too many legs is dangerous and hurts the general economy. It can even lead to the bankruptcy of the country and an early end game!

But, with hard work and betting on the future, the winner will be the one who can seize opportunities where others see only the crisis!

The French version of CRISIS is the Deluxe edition. It contains the same components as the English Deluxe edition, with its personalized wooden pawns.

  • 14+
  • 1 - 5
  • French

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