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Concordia Extension: Balearica / Italia

Concordia Extension : Balearica/ Italia

Rio Grande Games

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In addition, Concordia: Balearica comes with a fish market. The fishmarket can be combined not only with the new BALEARICA card, but also used as a variant with the basic game or any other CONCORDIA card.

As a new commodity, the fish replaces the ordinary bonus units that you usually collect when reading your prefect. The bonus is doubled up to 2 fish in the provinces that failed to produce in the last round. Sell ​​your fish at a separate fish market, where you can get merchandise, money, or special stocks in return. In this way, the fishmarket offers an additional layer of planning ahead and new challenges for the experienced CONCORDIA player.

The opposite side of this table has the ITALIA card for all those who missed it when buying Concordia Venus.

  • 13+
  • 2 - 5

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