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Chicane In The Cabin

Chicane Dans La Cabane

Flatlined Games

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The house is too small.
At twelve, it's impossible! I come back Monday and I kick out 11! "
The owner slammed the door as he went out, and a heavy silence settled. The tenants looked at each other furtively, no one daring to speak.
"I'm the one who will stay," said the Kid, breaking the silence.
"Not sure," replied the pink Ninja.
"Oook?" said the Gorilla.
It was the Penguin who first attacked by rushing to the Cat.
There immediately followed a general fight between all the tenants.
It was clear that only one could stay in the house, and that it would not be the nicest ...
Difficult to live together in a small house ...
When the pressure goes up, it's a fight! Try to keep your character secret as long as possible in the house.
Rumble in the House is a very simple deduction and bluff game for the whole family.
The twelve characters are placed in the house at the start of the game. Each player is assigned two secret characters among those present in the house.
One can in turn move or eliminate one of the characters in play. The player who has kept one of his secret characters in play the longest will postpone the round.
During the game, the actions of other players provide clues to their identity, or false tracks left on purpose.
Each one tries to guess which are the characters of the other players to eliminate them, while preserving his own.

  • 8+
  • 3 - 6
  • Multilingual

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