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Dam (Fr)

Barrage (Fr)

Intrafin Games

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And this is how the water revolution begins… We are in 1922. The canons of the Great War fell silent four years ago and the world is rebuilding itself, rising from its ashes at the speed of new hydroelectric power, a legacy of the great Nikola Tesla. A new war is about to break out in the valleys of the Alps: will you be able to crush your competitors by building the largest hydroelectric empire the world has ever known?

Barrage is a strategic and epic game of placing workers. Up to four players compete during five rounds, planning their actions as best as possible in order to build hydroelectric infrastructures on land rich in intricacies and challenges. Install your buildings wisely to prevent your competitors from stealing the most precious resource from you: water. By controlling the water, you will be able to generate energy and fulfill juicy contracts. Anticipate each move and make bold decisions: welcome to the world of Dam!

  • 14+
  • 1 - 4
  • French

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