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Bang! Extension: Wild West Show

Bang! Extension : Wild West Show (English)

DV Games

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BANG! Wild West Show! is "a small double-sided expansion pack that contains eight new wild characters, like the one who draws cards from other players' hands instead of the deck, one with 9 hit points that can't use" miss! "cards, [and] the one who "shoots" when he is killed and stays alive if you don't shoot Spades, because you need a "spike" to bury him! [more] a set of cards that come in game when you play a Wells Fargo and change the rules of the game until they are thrown ... [and] craaaazy cards, like the Wild West show that lets you play missed! cards like BANG! and vice versa , [and] the one that allows you to swap your position with another player at the table ... "

  • 8+
  • 4 - 7
  • English

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