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After The Storm (Fr)

Après L'orage (Fr)

Zoe Yateka Creations

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After the storm ... the small wooden bridge is destroyed, a sheep is separated from its flock, a wolf wants to catch it and a beaver repairs its dam.
In this cooperative game, you all play together. Your common goal is to repair the bridge and make the sheep cross the other bank.
To repair the bridge, you will place logs ... But you still have to have sawn them before!
Beware of the beaver who steals logs for its dam, at the risk of not having enough to repair the bridge.
Advance the sheep judiciously compared to the repair of the bridge and the movement of the wolf and the beaver.
To do this, each time you roll a die, you will choose which shepherd to move to trigger the best action.
Communicate with each other to properly coordinate these actions to succeed in your mission and avoid any mishap.

A great story to conclude, as a team, with different scenarios for each game.

What will be the outcome? It's up to you !

* Cooperative game with a common goal
* Develops team spirit, dialogue and decision-making,
* A real story that takes place on the game board with guaranteed suspense !!
* Different scenario for each game

  • 6+
  • 2 - 5
  • French

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