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Andor: The Liberation Of Chaumebourg

Andor : La Libération De Chaumebourg


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Andor: La Liberation De Chaumebourg is a standalone set in the universe of Andor, the 2013 Ace d'Or game.
Combine your forces to free Chaumebourg castle from the creatures that have taken possession of it. Discover the hidden objectives that will allow you to scare them away. Thanks to a card system mixing combat and tower defense, players will have to identify priorities and try to solve the objectives that will lead them to victory. 
With each turn, a new wave of enemies appear and try to stop you. You will have to choose your actions wisely and position yourself correctly to take back Chaumbourg before the arrival of the dragon!

Andor: La Liberation De Chaumebourg offers great replayability. Each hero is different and has unique characteristics. The semi-random set-up. You'll never know what monsters and items are waiting for you in each location!
  • 10+
  • 2 - 5

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