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Among The Stars

Among The Stars (En)

Stronghold Games

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A new era has begun. The Alliance's attempt to resuscitate the worlds destroyed during the Purge was a great success, and for the first time the light seems to pierce over a possible future. These once abandoned areas have now become very active and teeming with life.

Due to an increase in traffic, the construction of new stations in the area was deemed necessary. Once again, the alien races are rushing to build the best space station in order to take advantage of the emerging benefits and opportunities. To this end, the "Advisors" are sent by the Alliance to help with construction.

Among the Stars: Revival is a new expansion for Among the Stars, which can also be played as an independent game for two players.

It brings new mechanisms that add interaction to the game, new locations and rules for two.

Spaceships are a token system that prevents other players from building in certain areas, and "Advisors" are a new module, which can also be used with the basic game, which increases the competition between players for controlling Advisors cards. These provide special abilities as well as additional victory points.

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  • 12+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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