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Competitive price equalization policy

If you find an item in stock identical to the one we offer advertised at a lower price, now or within 14 days of your purchase, we will match this price upon presentation of proof.  

Before making your online purchase, please contact our team at or on messenger to request a price equalization.

Please provide the following information when you contact us:

  • Product name
  • Language
  • The link to the product page on
  • The full web address of the product page on the competitor's website OR a copy of the competitor's current circular
  • Details on the price difference
  • We will then confirm if the item is covered by our price guarantee.

The price guarantee does not apply when the competitor's announcement states "limited quantities", "liquidation", "end of series", "bankruptcies" or special events (eg: Christmas week , Good Friday and others). 

The product must be available on the competitor's website and the delivery costs as well as the handling costs will be added to the price for a fair comparison with our price. 

If no shipping and handling charges are mentioned in the advertisement, a lump sum of $ 4,99 will be added to the competitor's price.

If our competitor offers a gift card with an item that we sell, we will match its price and offer a gift card for the same amount. We will not match offers, such as discounts on gift cards, with our competitors.


An identical item is a product from the same manufacturer with the same serial number. An authorized Canadian distributor is a retailer to whom the manufacturer voluntarily sells.

The price guarantee does not apply to demonstration articles. An advertisement is defined as a copy of a dated advertisement, an original sales receipt, a catalog page or a competitor's web page. 

From time to time, our online and store prices may not correspond temporarily due to the due date for publication. In this case, you will receive the lower of the two prices.

We reserve the right to limit the quantities sold to an individual customer and we are unable to supply. 

This price guarantee does not apply to typographical errors in the competitor's or Geek Night's announcements. Applicable taxes are not included in the prices. We reserve the right to change the terms of this price guarantee at our discretion. 

This policy is subject to change without notice.