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War Of The Ring: 2nd Edition (En)

War Of The Ring : 2nd Edition (En)

Ares Games

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In War of the Ring, one player takes control of the Free Peoples (FP), the other player controls the Shadow Armies (SA). Initially, the Free Peoples are reluctant to take up arms against Sauron, so they must be attacked by Sauron or persuaded by Gandalf or other companions, before they start to fight properly: this is represented by the political track, which shows whether a Nation is ready to fight in the War of the Ring or not.

The game can be won by a military victory, if Sauron conquers a certain number of free towns and fortresses or vice versa. But the true hope of the Free Peoples lies in the quest for the Ring bearer: as armies clash across Middle-earth, the Fellowship of the Ring tries to secretly arrive at Mount Doom to destroy the Single Ring. Sauron is unaware of the real intent of his enemies, but looks across Middle Earth for the Precious Ring, so the community will face many dangers, represented by the rules of the hunt. the ring. But the Companions can spur free peoples to the fight against Sauron, so the free peoples player must balance the need to protect the ring bearer from evil, against attempting to raise an appropriate defense against the armies of the shadow, so that they do not invade Middle Earth before the Ringbearer completes their quest.
  • 13+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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