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The Sherlock Files Vol. II: Curious Capers (En)

The Sherlock Files Vol. II : Curious Capers (En)

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Are you a modern and intelligent detective?

The Sherlock Files: Curious Capers includes three new confusing cases for you to solve. First, you will investigate the family, friends and business partners of a recently deceased donor. Next, you'll find out how a group of sneaky jewelry thieves and their loot vanished into thin air. Finally, you will uncover the truth behind a disastrous lab fire.

Decipher the clues to determine which are relevant to the case and which are not. Share what you think is relevant with your detective partners. What theories will you pursue?

How will you fare compared to the greatest sleuth in the world? Work together to solve each case and find out!

  • 14+
  • 1 - 8
  • English

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