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The Dresden Files Extension: Wardens Attack (En)

The Dresden Files Extension : Wardens Attack (En)

Evil Hat Productions

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That brings us to Books 10 and 11 - Small Favor and Turn Coat, which maximize your play options and offer new ways to trap and complicate the lives of your heroes. But the real stars of this expansion are the two new player games, the Wardens both: Regional Commander Carlos Ramirez and Captain Anastasia Luccio himself!

Anastasia Luccio's game is all about strategic plays and decisive shots. All in all, her main focus is on the challenges that decide your final fate, and nowhere is this more evident than with her two "on the table." cards. Use his skill as a captain of the park wardens to tackle the toughest challenges, be they Case or Enemy. Flip his waterfall to focus our efforts! from one case or from one enemy to another, maximizing your chances of eliminating them from the board.

And as you can imagine, Carlos Ramirez's deck is just plain fun, at its best when taking on enemies or breaking through obstacles. On the battlefield, a young guardian as brilliant as Ramirez knows that knowledge is power; this talent allows you to remove a clue from a case and deal two hits to a wounded enemy. And as the manager, Carlos has always secured your back, using his stunt to allow an ally to pick up a card from their discard pile, leaving the team to deploy their greatest forces a second time.
  • 13+
  • 1 - 5
  • English

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