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The Dresden Files Extension: Fan Favorites (En)

The Dresden Files Extension : Fan Favorites (En)

Evil Hat Productions

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This expansion includes the games of Thomas Raith and Waldo Butters, as well as the games of Blood Rites and Dead Beat.

Thomas Raith's deck is the most effective at breaking through obstacles and defeating enemies. The deck has a slightly higher average Fate value per card, allowing it to discard its cards based on family wealth. The killer app? His Inner Demon stunt lets him play the top card of his deck for free. If luck is on your side, that can be a game-changer.

Waldo Butters' deck uses his sharp intellect to leverage perks and investigate business. Are you not getting enough progress in your business? Using his skills as a forensic pathologist, Waldo can turn your punches into clues. (And yes, Polka Will Never Die!)

Top it off with two new card games based on books # 6 and # 7, Blood Rites and Dead Beat - plus a few more Side Jobs cards - and you'll add tons of new team combinations and hours of training. additional game. And, yes: Sue will be there (as a powerful Advantage card - she will actually be our signature for the Dead Beat Perks), along with many other Foes (individually illustrated thanks to the last funded expansion!), Boxes, Obstacles and Benefits presented in new, exciting and appalling ways.
  • 13+
  • 1 - 5
  • English

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