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The game That's a Question! takes the familiar format of a challenge to others with questions and then a vote on what to say.

Each player has a hand of hexagonal cards, with words or phrases in blocks of three colors on the card. On your turn, you choose a player who has a token in front of him, you take that token, then you present him a question by choosing one of the three questions (which are all coded by a color), then you choose two cards of your hand and you add the part of those cards that is the correct suit to the question. An example of a question: "What would you miss the most if it ceased to exist: Facebook or doors?" This player secretly votes on A or B, while everyone else except the interrogator secretly votes on A or B depending on how they think the person will answer; a voter can optionally add their 3x token to their vote.

Once everyone has voted, you reveal the tiles. Anyone who voted correctly advances one or three boxes on the scoring grid, and the questioner advances one box for each person who voted incorrectly. If you pass a certain square on the scoring track, you get your 3x token (if you used it). Since you can only ask a question to those who have a token in front of them, everyone is asked roughly the same number of questions, and whoever has the most points after a certain number of turns wins.
  • 15+
  • 3 - 6
  • English

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