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Terraforming Mars Extension: Venus Next (En)

Terraforming Mars Extension : Venus Next (En)

Stronghold Games

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Venus, the sparkling one, must be one of the deadliest planets in the solar system ... but it has such potential!

Perched in corrosive clouds, far from the hot surface, humans have begun to colonize and terraform the planet. Here is an excellent opportunity for your corporation to make a name for itself, to build flying cities, to mask the sun in order to reduce the greenhouse effect and introduce life to this new world! And then, Venus should be able to help you terraform Mars!
Venus Next will allow you to terraform Venus and found new cities within the inner solar system. This expansion contains new maps, corporations, a new Objective and a Reward linked to Venus. Venus Next requires the base game to play and can be combined with any other expansion or variant.


• 49 Project cards
• 5 Corporation cards
• 1 Objective tile
• 1 Reward tile
• 1 Venus tray
• 1 Venus marker
• Rule book

  • 12+
  • 1 - 5
  • English

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