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Terraforming Mars Extension: Hellas & Elysium (En)

Terraforming Mars Extension : Hellas & Elysium (En)

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Terraforming Mars: Hellas & Elysium, the first expansion of Terraforming Mars, is a new board with 2 sides which represent 2 new territories of the planet Mars.

"Hellas" includes the Martian South Pole as well as the gigantic Hellas crater (7 hexagons in the game) which has become a huge lake.
"Elysium" is on the opposite side of the equator, in the North. Here you will find Mount Olympus, the highest peak in the solar system, as well as many mineral resources.

Each of these cards will bring new objectives, new rewards and new placement bonuses.

  • 12+
  • 2 - 5
  • English

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