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Teotihuacan : City of Gods (En)

NSKN Games

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Travel through time to the largest city in Mesoamerica. Witness the glory and twilight of the mighty pre-Columbian civilization. Use strategy, accumulate wealth, gain the favor of the gods and become the builder of the magnificent Pyramid of the Sun.

Each player commands a force of worker dice, which strengthens with each movement. On your turn, you move a worker around a modular panel, always choosing one of two areas of the location slab you land on: one giving you action (and an upgrade from the worker), the other giving you a powerful bonus (but without upgrading).

While managing their workforce and resources, players develop new technologies, climb the steps of the three great temples, build houses for the townspeople and erect the legendary and breathtaking Pyramid of the Sun in the center of the city. city.

Each game takes place in three eras. As the dawn of the Aztecs approaches, players' efforts (and their ability to nurture their workforce) are evaluated three times in total. The most famous player is the winner.
  • 14+
  • 1 - 4
  • English

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