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Team 3: Rose / Pink (Fr)

Team 3 : Rose / Pink (Fr)

Brain Games

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TEAM3 is a cooperative game for 3 to 6 players (competitive variant). Each round, 3 of them cooperate to achieve the structure imposed by a card, each playing the role of one of the three monkeys: the one who cannot speak, the one who does not see or the one who makes the link between the 2 .

The monkey who cannot speak is the only one who can see the Plan map showing the layout of the rooms, but not being authorized to speak, he can only communicate by gestures.

The monkey in the middle must interpret these gestures and transmit them to the monkey who cannot see so that he can build the structure.

The monkey who cannot see is the only one who can touch the coins, but must play with his eyes closed

There are two boxes of TEAM3. PINK and GREEN. Each has its own Plan cards and a mini expansion. The mini-extensions for TEAM3 ROSE are called DIMENSION TENSION, for TEAM3 GREEN - MIND MERGE.

  • 14+
  • 3 - 6
  • French

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