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Taluva : Deluxe Edition (En)

Ferti Games

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In Taluva, players attempt to successfully colonize an island in the South Sea that slowly emerges from ocean waters as volcanoes erupt.

On each turn, players decide to either erupt a new volcano along the coast, increasing the size of the island, or erupt an existing volcano, increasing the height of the land around it. ci (and possibly destroying parts of existing colonies). To do this, they place a new tile, consisting of a volcano and two other types of landscapes. A tile must always touch at least one other tile, when placed at sea level, or be placed on at least two other tiles (without any voids being created under the earth), the volcano being placed on an existing volcano.

Then the player will place one or more wooden buildings; huts, temples or towers. Settlements should always start at the lowest level, placing a single hut. From there, existing settlements can expand by placing huts on all hexes of the same terrain type around the colony, with temples when the colony occupies three or more hexes, or with towers, placed at level three or higher.

The game ends when all the tiles have been placed. At this point, the player who has placed the most temples wins. The links are broken by the towers, then the huts. The final victory - and the immediate end of the game - awaits the player who manages to place all of his buildings of two types. Immediate defeat is also possible, when no building can legally be played during a player's turn.

The different investment rules are at the origin of a large part of the strategy. Volcanoes never completely destroy a colony, which is why individual huts can block the placement of volcanoes, thus protecting other colonies. Also, a well-placed volcano can split a large colony in half, allowing both to expand faster than a new colony. Limiting your opponent's growth potential is at least as important as setting the stage for you to develop ...

The Deluxe Edition contains the base Taluva game in increased size, plus the following new expansions:

- Ship expansion: A new piece of wood, which can be placed in lagoons, next to settlements

- Expansion of 2-Hex tiles

  • 8+
  • 2 - 4
  • English

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